Title Description
- Bjorn Van Campenhout, Stefan Dercon

Recent research on the intertemporal dynamics of poverty using microeconomic data often hints at the existence of poverty traps, where some find themselves trapped at a low-level stable equilibrium while others enjoy a higher stable equilibrium....

- John Hoddinott, Mark Rosegrant, and Maximo Torero

A Challenge Paper on Hunger and Malnutrition has been written by John Hoddinott, Mark Rosegrant, and Maximo...

- Megan Parker, Jef L Leroy, Deanna Olney, Jody Harris, and Marie Ruel

This report presents the findings from the baseline survey for the impact evaluation of the Tubaramure program, a Preventing Malnutrition in Children under 2 Approach (PM2A) program implemented in eastern Burundi. Tubaramure is a United States...

- Neha Kumar, Agnes R. Quisumbing

There is growing interest in the role of policy reforms to promote gender equality and empower women, two key objectives of development policy. From a policy perspective, it would be ideal for reforms undertaken in different policy areas to be...

- Horace Phiri and Abdi Khalil Edriss

Malawi has struggled to achieve sustained agricultural growth over the last four decades. As such there is need for in-creased investment and supportive policies if greater success is to be realized. As a prerequisite to identifying the role that...