trade liberalization

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- Lauren Bresnahan, Ian Coxhead, Jeremy D. Foltz, and Tewodaj Mogues

Manufacturing is intensive in the use of reproducible factors and exhibits greater technological dynamism than primary production. As such, its growth is central to long-run development in low-income countries. African countries are latecomers to...

- Silvio Contessi, Francesca de Nicola, and Li Li

Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries stand out in international comparisons of de jure obstacles to female employment and entrepreneurship. These obstacles manifest themselves in low rates of female labor participation,...

- Shashidhara Kolavalli, Marcella Vigneri, Haruna Maamah, John Poku

The cocoa sector in Ghana is one of few examples of an export commodity sector in an African country that has withstood the pressure to fully liberalize. Despite substantial government control over internal and external marketing via the Ghana...

18 Jan, 2012 - Antoine Bouet, Carmen Estrades, and David Laborde

This presentation discribes motivations, data, model, illustrative results and next steps .

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