The African Growth and Development Policy Modeling Consortium is an initiative aimed at positioning African experts to take a leadership role in the study of strategic development questions and the broader agricultural growth and policy debate facing African countries.

AGRODEP Bulletin: Edition 4, Volume 4

The AGRODEP Bulletin is a publication that provides insight into major economic development issues in Africa. It presents research and capacity building activities undertaken by AGRODEP and announces the publication of new economic data and statistics on Africa. You can read the current issue and previous issues of the Bulletin in the Bulletin archives.

AGRODEP Working Paper 0008

AGRODEP WP 0008, authored by AGRODEP member François Joseph Cabral under the Innovative Research Grant, uses CGE modeling to exmine the effects of rainfall shocks on Burkina Faso and Senegal. All AGRODEP Working Papers can be viewed in the working paper library.

2009 SAM for Mauritania

AGRODEP recently released the new 2009 SAM for Mauritania and corresponding Data Report No. 03, along with SAMS for Gambia, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. All four SAMs associated with this Data Report are available to AGRODEP members only.

General information on Mauritania can be found here.

A partial equilibrium model for trade policy analysis

This is a partial equilibrium model for trade policy analysis (PE-TRADE) which is set up in Excel. The PE-TRADE model in Excel shows multiple examples of trade policy analyses with increasing details in each worksheet. In these examples, the focus is on the response of import demand to changes in trade policy and other tax policy instruments.


21 Oct, 2014 - 1 Dec, 2014

The AGRODEP Modeling Consortium is launching its annual competitive call for proposals for "innovative research."  Proposals for this grant will only be accepted from AGRODEP members. The theme of the 2014 call is:

Linking Country Policies to Agricultural Development Outcomes 

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